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LKHM Pumps
--- CONTACT KOSS for AVAILABILITY and PROJECT PRICING --- LKH-Multistage Range --- Available in 6 Sizes --- These pumps are primarily used in applications with high outletpressure and low capacity requirements such as breweries, reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration. The pumps are available as two, three or four stage models (i.e. pumps fitted with two, three or four impellers respectively). Flow rates for 50 Hz up to 75 m³/h (330 US gal/min) and discharge pressures up to 40 bar (580 psig) with boost pressures up to 19 bar(275 psig) and for 60 Hz up to 80 m3/h (352 US gal/min) and boost pressures up to 26 bar (375 psig). For inlet pressures greater than 10 bar (145 psig) a ‘special’ motor isused incorporating fixed angular contact bearings due to axial thrust.
Call: 920-469-5300 or email: inside.sales@kossindustrial for price and lead time. Thank you

There are no products in this category.