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--- CONTACT KOSS for AVAILABILITY and PROJECT PRICING --- Designed for standard duty applications, like pumping CIP (Cleaning In Place) solutions, utilities, water (processing, heating, cooling), washing machines, simple transport duty within working range. SolidC is suited for use in the food, dairy, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, light chemical and water industries.
--- STANDARD DESIGN --- for CIP with emphasis on large internal radii and cleanable seals. The complete SolidC unit is supported on four adjustable legs.
--- SHAFT SEALS --- pump is equipped with either an external single or a flushed shaft seal. Both have stationary seal rings in acid-resistant steel AISI 329 with sealing surface in silicon carbide and rotating seal rings in carbon. The secondary seal of the flushed seal is a long lasting lip seal.
--- MOTOR --- Standard C-faced, foot mounted motor according to NEMA standard. 3500 RPM or 1750 RPM. Epact efficiency, Class F. Note frame size per horsepower.
Always verify if you are buying a Pump-with-Motor, or a Pump-Only. When shopping KOSS online: select your Pump, then select a Motor to match