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The Gunclean Toftejorg T-82 rotary jet head provides 360° indexed impact cleaning over a defined time period. It is automatic and represents a guaranteed means of achieving quality assurance from cleaning tanks.

Storage and transportation tanks up to 3,000 m3 (800,000 US gallons). Used in the offshore industry and in petrochemicals and chemical processing industries. The T-82 is grease lubricated and designed to clean tanks in a rough environment, e.g. it is widely used in mud tanks on supply vessels and oil rigs where solid particles are in the cleaning media. It is also widely used on barges and product tankers.

The flow of the cleaning fluid makes the nozzles perform a geared rotation around the vertical and horizontal axis. In the first cycle, the nozzles lay out a coarse pattern on the tank surface. The following cycles make the pattern gradually more dense until a full pattern is reached after 4 cycles.

• Inlet flange.
• The choice of nozzle diameters can optimize jet impact length and flow rate at the desired pressure.
• Hose saddle, deck cover plate, hose winch extension pipe etc. are available.
• Longer jet lengths using special cleaner head and nozzles.
• Alternative thread connections available on request.

Can be supplied with adapter flanges or threads to fit existing extension pipes.

The equipment fully complies with the IMO regulations and the requirements of the classification societies.