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C-1M160-F2ES18T0 SolidC (pump only)

Solid C-1 Pump 2" x 1.5" Tri-Clamp conn. EPDM o-rings, 6.3" (160mm) impeller dia. Flushed Shaft Seal with long lasting lip seal with Carbon vs Silicon Carbide (C vs SC) faces, Stainless Steel Legs, 18T 182/184TC, No Options


  • Application(s) : Designed for standard duty applications, like pumping CIP (Cleaning In Place) solutions, utilities, water (processing, heating, cooling), washing machines and simple transport duty within working range
  • Application(s) Note : Designed for CIP with an emphasis on large internal radii and cleanable seals
  • Built to : SAFE, HYGIENIC DESIGN - external balanced shaft seal provides safe operation, driving section is outside product zone for max hygiene, silicon carbide stationary seal ring std. Balanced seal and self-centering pump shaft provide longer seal life.
  • Configuration : C-1M160-F2ES18T0
  • Connections : Tri-Clamp
  • Connections for FSS : R 1/8 inch (BSP) External Thread
  • Conversion : EASY CONVERSION from SINGLE to FLUSHED, shaft seal available in 2 versions: use Single Seal for most applications, convert to Single Flushed Seal for abrasive and sticky products. Conversion kits can be retrofitted in min's!
  • Disassembly : (1) Remove screws, spring washers, and clamp (2) Remove pump casing (3) Remove safety guards (4) Remove impeller screw, impeller, and O-ring (5) Remove stationary seal ring and O-ring (6) Remove complete shaft seal, spring and rotating seal ring
  • Elastomer : EPDM
  • Elastomer Code : E
  • EPDM Temperature Range : 14 to 250 F
  • Feet : Stainless Steel Legs
  • Finish : 3A Polish 32 Ra
  • Frame : 182/184TC
  • Impeller Size (diameter) : 6.3" (160 mm)
  • INDUSTRY APPLICATION(S) : Food, Dairy, Beverage, Personal Care, Light Chemical and Water
  • Item : Pump
  • Maintenance : SERVICE in MINUTES! It’s no exaggeration - the shaft seal can be removed by hand from the front of the pump, without removing the backplate. This means the shaft seal and O-rings can be changed in just a few minutes.
  • Max. Inlet Pressure : 14.5 psi (1bar) )
  • MFG Item Class : The next generation of Tri-Clover brand C-Series Pumps… Solid reliability, solid value - SolidC.
  • MFG Item Description : Gentle and Efficient Std. Duty Pumping - maximum cleanability and simple, low-cost maint. Impeller adjustment tool ships with each pump, 360° housing adjustment (full flexibility positioning outlet). Fast, easy maintenance and fewer pump service hours.
  • Model : C-1
  • Motor : 18T 3-5HP
  • Noise Level : 68 dBA
  • Note : For a wide range of duties in your plant, SolidC will give more value for money than any pump in its class on the market. All 4 pump sizes in the SolidC range are fitted with the same superior shaft seal used in Alfa Laval premium LKH pumps.
  • Options : No Options
  • Other Steel Parts : AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Performance : UPGRADE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Lower NPSHr minimizes risk of cavitation. Optimized impeller design for gentle product treatment and high efficiency. Reduce costs and power consumption, experience improved product quality.
  • Port Size : 2 inch x 1.5 inch
  • Product Wetted Steel Parts : AISI 316L and AISI 329L Stainless Steel
  • Pump : Centrifugal
  • Pump Drive Ring : Standard
  • Pump Rotary Seal Face : Carbon
  • Pump Seal Type : Flushed
  • Pump Series : SolidC
  • Pump Stationary Seal Face : Silicon Carbide
  • Reassembly : DESIGNED for FAST, EASY RE-ASSEMBLY - The compression coupling on the shaft is self-centering. The O-ring is easy to mount due to the grooved design, and the pump casing can be fitted by one person, without assistance.
  • Seal : Flushed Shaft Seal with long lasting lip seal
  • Seal Face Code : C vs SC
  • Seal Face Combination : Carbon vs Silicon Carbide (C vs SC) faces
  • Seals : Flushed Shaft Seal with long lasting lip seal with Carbon vs Silicon Carbide (C vs SC) faces
  • Series : SolidC
  • Shaft : 1 SEAL FOR ALL - SolidC has the same superior mechanical shaft seal used in Alfa Laval’s premium LKH, just 1 seal for Std Duty and Premium ranges. You only need 1 size, 1 type of shaft seal in stock. Experience lower spare parts costs today.
  • Specification : Complies with 3A, CE and has EHEDG certification.
  • Specification(s) Met : 3A Approved
  • Style : Adjustable 360°
  • Sub-Series : SolidC 1
  • Surface Finish & Traceability : 32 Ra (std)
  • Warranty : Extended warranty* on non-wear parts - NEW SolidC Pumps are sold with a 3-year warranty on all non-wear parts, on the condition that genuine Alfa Laval spare parts are used. *contact seller for motor warranty details
  • Water Consumption (FSS) : 4-8 usgph
  • Water Pressure Inlet : Max. 14.5 PSI
  • Working Range : Reliable, cost-effective centrifugal pump for simple transport duties within working range up to 380 gal/min. For more demanding tasks, LKH heavy duty centrifugal pumps offer superior efficiency, making light work of the toughest jobs.
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