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Magnetic Flow Transmitter TE67A

 A precision meter for the volumetric measurement of liquids that are electrically conducting, Alfa Laval's TE67A Magnetic Flow Transmitter features a rugged construction making it suitable for installations where solid particulates make up part of the liquid for measurement. Not sure which is for you? Check out the selection guide in More Info.

More details

The Alfa Laval Flow Transmitter is designed to fulfill the demands of hygienic and pharmaceutical production. Amongst others it is suitable for flow measurement in Food, Beverage, Dairy and Biopharm industries.

  • Constructed to be independent of variations in flow profile, the presence of solids and even changes in product viscosity
  • Sanitary design, suitable for Hygienic applications – Meets 3A standards
  • No internal pressure drop
  • Robust and compact design
  • Temperature tolerant up to 115°C
  • Easy to mount, even in difficult applications
  • Optimized for high accuracy and linearity
  • Preset-up from factory, ready for installation
  • No moving parts - no maintenance
Additional Features
  • Automatic zero point correction
  • High accuracy, even at very low flow rates
  • Bi-directional flow (can measure in both flow directions)
  • Volumetric measurement in m3, litres, U.S. gallons etc.
  • Pulse output to an electronic counter, 0-1000 pulses per second
  • Pulse output to an electromechanical counter, 0-10 pulses per second
  • Current output, 4-20 mA (extended version)
  • Batch control function
  • Limit switch function
  • Flow regulator function (PI controller)
  • Practically no loss of pressure
  • A Display Unit can be simply connected. (can display accumulated volume, setpoint for batch control or PI regulator, flow rate, temperature, etc.)
  • Count stop/clear logic input function.
  • Temperature measurement using an external temperature sensor
  • Temperature compensated flow measurement
  • Continuous Selftest
  • EMC approved (DS/EN 61000-6-2) (DS/EN 61000-6-3)
  • Vibration approved (IEC 60068-2-6 Test Fc)
Selection guide

Follow these two rules when selecting a Flow Transmitter:

1. Select a Flow Transmitter with a pipe dimension equal to the rest of the piping system .
2. If optimum measurement accuracy is of primary concern,select the smallest possible transmitter (NOTE: the maximum flow rate must never be exceeded).

The PD sheet, and charts & graphs in the product images, can assist in selection.

Selection example

Problem: The flow to be measured is between 4 and 12 m³/h and the piping installation is 38 mm (1").

Solution: according to the selection guide model TE67A2xxxxxxxx and TE67A3xxxxxxxx can be used, both selections will give optimum accuracy. But following rule number TE67A2xxxxxxxx is selected as it has the same piping diameter as the installation and thereby minimizes pressure loss in the system.

DATA per configuration

  • TE67A1XXXXXXXX: 0.01 litre/pulse, connection: clamp DN25 (ISO2852), measuring ranges: 0 to 8 m3/h (2113 GPH)
  • TE67A2XXXXXXXX: 0.01 litre/pulse, connection: clamp DN38 (ISO2852), measuring ranges: 0 to 20 m3/h (5284 GPH)
  • TE67A3XXXXXXXX: 0.10 litre/pulse, connection: clamp DN51 (ISO2852), measuring ranges: 0 to 40 m3/h (10568 GPH)
  • TE67A4XXXXXXXX: 0.10 litre/pulse, connection: clamp DN63 (ISO2852), measuring ranges: 0 to 80 m3/h (21136 GPH)
  • TE67A5XXXXXXXX: 0.10 litre/pulse, connection: clamp DN76 (ISO2852), measuring ranges: 0 to 120 m3/h (31704 GPH)
  • TE67A6XXXXXXXX: 0.10 litre/pulse, connection: clamp DN102 (ISO2852), measuring ranges: 0 to 200 m3/h (52840 GPH)
  • Abrasion Resistance : Good
  • Acid Resistance : Good to Excellent
  • Max. Media Pressure : 10 bar (145 psi)
  • TE67A Flow Transmitter PD Sheet
    Information including technical specifications, features, charts and more on Alfa Laval's TE67A Magnetic Flow Transmitter
  • TE67A Flow Transmitter Flyer
    In this flyer we have called out a few of our favorite features to provide information, and larger images, of the TE67A!
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