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Curd Air Lock Assembly

Fully customizable, introduces curd into Blower Line. Curd drops into Star-Wheel vanes, rotating into Blower Line. Mobile design, can be modified to feed an auger conveyor or curd mill. Created to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards (CIP-able, Teflon available, and other options).


  • Curd Equipment Line Card
    Line Card for Koss Industrial Curd Equipment; such as Curd Cyclones, Table Unloaders, Star Valves, Air Filter Housing Assemblies
  • Koss Industrial
    Just the basics on Koss Industrial - as detailed as the basics can get, this file provides information on Koss' different facets, complete with thumbnail images.
  • Material Handling Line Card
    Line Card for Material Handling Products by Koss Industrial - Dumpers, Conveyor, Curd-Blowing, Trolleys