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SOLD - 11GS Auger Wash Rack

11GS Auger Wash Rack (1 in-stock!)

Wash Rack for use with 11GS Grinders (11" dia Single Screw KOSS Grinders) - best practice for safe and efficient auger removal.  Utilizing a wash rack (with auger removal slip of material) greatly reduces the risk of marring the auger flights and/or interior body of the grinder. Help keep your grinder "like new" for longer! Call 1.800.844.6261 today for more information on available equipment!

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SE-20140004 (10870)

Wash Basket mounted to frame for small parts collection

Auger Stop Rod for precise positioning

Hooks for hanging mar preventative auger removal slip

Rack to Grinder Lock Tabs for safe auger removal


Measures 40.875" from floor to auger support

***measurement from floor to the bottom interior body of your 11GS grinder (auger location in grinder) needs to be higher than 40.875" in order to utilize this wash rack without modifications

For more information call us at 1.800.844.6261!

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