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PG-EG Steam Filter Housing - sanitary (air/gas)

Able to achieve culinary steam with proper element. Housing available in 316 stainless steel with flow rates from 30-13,000 scfm (20-5,400 lbs/hr) of steam with tri-clamp or flanged connections to maintain sterility. Many PG-EG housings are 3-A certified for sanitary use. Additional connections available upon request.

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Stainless Steel Gas Filter Housing for Sanitary Applications

The Donaldson® PG-EG Sanitary Gas filter housing is designed for purification of compressed air and technical gases in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, electronic, food and beverage industries. PG-EG filter housings are equipped with sanitary Tri-Clamp®* and flange connections, and have an electropolished surface finish of Ra 32. The top vent is sealed with a pharma plug, while the bottom condensate drain is equipped with a pharma valve. PG-EG filter housings are designed to yield low differential pressures at high flow rates.

PG-EG sanitary filter housings are available in 12 different sizes with capacity ranging from 4.5 to 1,620 scfm at 14.7 psia. Optional connections are also available to adapt the filter to meet your specific requirements. Standard housings utilize Donaldson filter elements with 2-inch, double o-ring, plug-in connections. A broad selection of filter elements is available to meet the compatibility and micron rating requirements of your process.




Filter Housing     316L stainless steel

Clamp               304 stainless steel

Pharma Plug      316 stainless steel

Pharma Valve     316 stainless steel

Housing Gasket  EPDM

Maximum Operating Pressure

Models 0006-0192         232 psig

Maximum Operating Temperature

Depends on the gasket of the housing, up to 390°F

3-A Sanitary Certified

Models 0006-0192         3-A stamped

Surface Finish

Etched, passivated, and electropolished Ra32

Connection Types

Tri-Clamp (all models), ANSI flange (standard starting at 0432; optional up to 0192), Weld ends (optional), Other connections and larger housings are available on request.

  • Application(s) : pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, electronic, food, beverage
  • Application(s) Note : designed for purification of compressed air and technical gases
  • Item : Housing
  • Max. Pressure : 232 psig (models 0006-0192)
  • Max. Temperature : depends upon housing gasket, up to 390 F
  • Surface Finish : Etched, passivated and electropolished Ra32