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Trim Breakers

Break trim into smaller, more manageable fragments with this custom stainless steel solution for unique applications. Designed & fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards. Need to find a solution in your size? KOSS' quality customizing means a great fit for your Trim Breaking needs.

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Lock-able swivel casters offer enhanced maneuverability, allowing for more precise positioning.

Features a combination of finishes: Polished product contact surfaces & Panel Box finish and a Bead-Blasted finish on frame, guarding and additional surfaces.

  • Grinders Line Card
    The sheet provides information on Koss Industrial's capabilities relating to grinding. For an effective custom stainless solution we've multiple sizes and styles available.
  • Koss Industrial
    Just the basics on Koss Industrial - as detailed as the basics can get, this file provides information on Koss' different facets, complete with thumbnail images.