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U-Tube Heat Exchangers (heating/cooling)

HXP-U-1.5-4 configuration of U-Tube Heat Exchanger (heating/cooling)

Configure a custom U-Tube HX today - 316L construction, Clamp/Weld body connections, various end connections, optional insulation (with SS welded covering), 4" or 6" body diameters, body lengths from 2-20 ft!  A longer lasting solution, Call KOSS today 1(800)844-6261!

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KOSS custom U-Tube Heat Exchangers (ASME certification available!) provide superior corrosion resistance, their construction results in less weld fatigue (providing a longer lifespan than straight Shell & Tube models). Excellent longevity - tubes are suspended from one end, better allowing expansion & contraction with temperature fluctuations.

Notes for all Heat Exchangers:

We recommend placing a Strainer prior to the Heat Exchanger (to prevent blockages & optimize performance, check out our Wedge Wire Strainers).

Always avoid hydraulic shock.

Ensure your Heat Exchanger is sized & configured for your application (consider current & future operating parameters, to ensure long-lasting optimal performance).

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