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FRONT8-RD 4SEC 212PL FrontLine Plate Heat Exchanger sn...

3A Alfa Laval FrontLine 8 (ready March 1, 2017) we can restream this unit to fit your needs for a quick ship; call us today to size your PHE.

FRONT8-RD 4SEC 212PL FrontLine Plate Heat Exchanger sn 30116-99925 Model FRONT8-RD, YR 2016, TAG# FRONT8-RD 02, Area 834.4 SqFt, MAWP 290PSI at 230F; MDMT -20F at 290PSI; A-Dim 1223 mm w/ 212 0.6mm Alloy 316 Plates, Clip-On Gasket NBRFF, 3" Clamp Conn.

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KOSS can restream this unit to fit your needs for a quick ship.  Call KOSS today to get your PHE sized.

3A Alfa Laval FrontLine 8 (QUICK-SHIP STOCK IN GREEN BAY, WI as-of March 1st, 2017 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY)  

FRONT8-RD 4SEC 212PL FrontLine Plate Heat Exchanger sn 30116-99925

MAWP: 290 PSI at 230 F 

MDMT: -20 F at 290 PSI 

S/N: 30116-99925

Year: 2016 

Model: FRONT8-RD 

Area: 834.4 Sq.Ft. 

A-Dim: 1223 mm w/ 212 0.6 mm PLTS 


Plate Material: Alloy 316 

Plate Thickness: 0.60 mm 

Clip-On Gasket, Material NBRFF 

Connections: 3 inch Tri-Clamp

Tighten Plate Pack to A Dimension: 48.1”

Plate heat exchangers that meet the highest demands on hygienic control, with a superior and flexible design (easy handling and modification).

Popular Applications: dairy pasteurization, yoghurt cooling, UHT treatment and work with heat-sensitive products. 4-sizes: Front6, Front8, Front10 and Front15 with plate ports and connections from 2" to 6" dia. Interested? Call KOSS today 1(800)844-6261!


Efficient & flexible design for demanding hygienic applications

Efficient design

Alfa Laval FrontLine, with design pressure up to 21 bar (305 psi), allows a flexible design with plates tailor-made for demanding hygienic applications. The plate pattern, the channel depth and the overall dimensions are designed for gentle, uniform heat transfer for sensitive dairy, food, beverage and home-personal care products.

Great flexibility

Alfa Laval FrontLine offers great flexibility as it can be configured with different sections, using plate and gaskets in different materials with several types of connections making the final unit suited to your processing tasks. A unique herringbone plate pattern with optimized pressing depth and plate material provides gentle, uniform heat transfer of sensitive hygienic products. Alfa Laval FrontLine is also designed with a wide stream plate for product containing particles and/or fibres like fruit juices etc.

Longer operating times, easy cleaning

The optimized design of FrontLine plates comes exclusively from hygienic demands and provides gentle and uniform heat transfer between the two media involved, which prolong operating times. In addition, the unique distribution area ensures a uniform flow over the entire plate surface with no stagnant flow zones and less risk of fouling build-up.
With increased Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) efficiency and less fouling, the plates of Alfa Laval FrontLine are easy to clean and provide longer time between cleaning cycles, ensuring more production output.

FrontLine Series

The FrontLine range from Alfa Laval represents the most advanced plate heat exchanger technology available for dairy, beverage and processed food applications. Designed exclusively for these demanding applications, the FrontLine range provides specific benefits to the food processor, including:
• Unique plate pattern provides even and gentle heating of sensitive food products
• Small port holes and long, narrow plates facilitate quick and easy cleaning, usually at process flows
• Integral glue-less gasket system provides for long gasket life, FDA compliant materials, high pressure operation and easy maintenance
• Frames provide for up to 290 psi operation, easy disassembly and modifications, and meet all 3A sanitary requirements


The FrontLine can handle a wide variety of
products and processes. Some examples include:
• Milk and cheese milk pasteurization
• Ultra-high temperature sterilization
• Beverage and energy drink pasteurization
• Standard and pulpy juice pasteurization
• Beer wort heating and beer cooling
• Liquid egg processing
• Bottled water treatment
• Soups, sauces and starch heating
• Catsup and mustard heating and cooling
• Biotechnology culture/broth sterilization
• Pharmaceutical WFI thermal treatment

Other FrontLine Features

• Four sizes: Front6, Front8, Front10 and Front15 with plate ports and connections from 2" to 6" diameter
• With almost 10 sq. ft. surface area per plate the Front15 is the largest sanitary plate heat exchanger available
• Herringbone plate design provides initial sizing and future restreaming flexibility
• Connection plates with removeable double-corner options for maximum process flexibility

Automatic Frame Features

Alfa Laval’s unique automatic opening and closing frame provides access to the heat exchanger for inspection, cleaning or service. This option features:
• A clean and simple electrical drive system using

Standard Components

• Nuts and bearings that are readily accessible for lubrication and maintenance
• Sealed frame and pressure plates to keep the outside clean and the inside support structure dry
• Fast closing and opening speeds
• Emergency stop cord for safe single-operator operation
• Available for Front15 and Front10 Plate Options
• ClipLine for standard duties
• ClipLine WideStream for pulpy juice
• ClipLine Gemini for double-wall protection
• Standard materials include AISI 316, SMO 254, Titanium and Hastelloy

Frames can be supplied in stainless steel and silver-coated versions. Clip plates are available in alternative materials for challenging food-processing tasks. In most cases Clip plates can be cleaned via CIP (cleaning-in-place), using the same flow as in the process itself.

  • Application(s) : Pasteurisation/Pasteurization, general cooling/heating of dairy, brewery, beverage and food products, heating/cooling in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Application(s) Note : The FrontLine™ plates are supplied with glue-free Clip-On gaskets, which are easy to replace even with the plates still hanging in the frame. The material of gaskets are selected for safe use in connection with pharmaceutical and food products.
  • Connections : Tri-Clamp
  • Connections Size, Media : 3"
  • Connections Size, Product : 3"
  • Connections, Media : Tri-Clamp
  • Connections, Product : Tri-Clamp
  • Elastomer : NBRFF
  • Gasket Material : Heat Exchanger Nitrile-FDA
  • INDUSTRY APPLICATION(S) : Pharmaceutical and Food
  • Item : Heat Exchanger
  • Materials : Stainless steel AISI 316
  • Specification(s) Met : 3A Approved