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ClearBRINE Ultra Filtration Skids - Brine UF Systems

Outstanding, quick brine cleaning. Clean brine in a continuous filtration system that outperforms Pasteurizers & UV Systems. Greatly reduced waste (with ~1x/day dumping) very small BOD load (as opposed to continuously bleeding)

"Drop a quarter into a 5 gallon bucket of brine, cleaned in a KOSS ClearBRINE. The filtered brine in that pail is so clean, you can read the date off the coin." ~John Koss

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Custom Systems optimized, designed & fabricated for your process, include steam: bundle, control valve & trap, sanitary tanks, pressure pump, air actuated control valves, RTD, pressure & level transmitters, membranes, control panels... We provide components, spares, membrane replacement - even installation! Contact KOSS today 1.800.844.6261 and start designing your custom system!

Koss ClearBRINE Ultra Filtration Units

Clean brine in a modified, Continuous Filtration System

Brine is first run through a Rotary Drum Strainer, then flows through the membranes, which are used to filter particles out of the brine. The process is controlled by a PLC. Pressure is automatically adjusted in the membranes based upon the required flow rate. All unfiltered brine is returned to the balance tank. A small amount of concentrated, uncleaned brine is disposed of when the system reaches the end of the run time.

Koss ClearBRINE Ultra Filtration Units are fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards and can be custom built in a variety of sizes, units also come with a clear elbow on the permeate end of the membrane, allowing for an easy visual check of the membrane units.

Standard Equipment

  • Sanitary Tanks
  • Steam Bundle
  • Steam Control Valve
  • Steam Trap
  • Pressure Pump
  • Air Actuated Control Valves
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • RTD
  • Panel Box* (with AB Controls) *options without Panel mounted to System avail., i.e. for client-supplied controls, or for Systems integrating into existing plant-wide controls
  • Wire Diagrams
  • Chart Recorder
  • Level Transmitters
  • Membranes

Optional Equipment

  • High Strength Waste Pump
  • Permeate Pump
  • AC/Drive
  • Other PLC Manufacturers
  • Flow Meter
  • Flow Verters
  • Rotary Drum Strainer
  • Plant Installation
  • Item : System
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