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37H352T446E7 (15HP 3500RPM 3PH 60HZ 215TC 3756M TEFC F) F1...

Stainless Washdown Duty Motor

STAINLESS STEEL F1 Mounting, Foot Mounted BALDOR MOTOR (15HP 3500RPM 3PH 60HZ 215TC 3756M TEFC F) Catalog No. 37H352T446E7 with drain plugs, VFD capable, CODE K, NEMA-NOM-EFF 91, PF 91


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Stainless Steel Washdown Duty Motor 37H352T446E7

VOLTS (230/460), Hp (15), RPM (3500), Frame (215TC), Enclosure (TEFC) --- DE Bearings (6307), ODE Bearings (6206), "C" Dim (21.66), Conn. Diag. No. (CD0005) --- Rating: 40C AMB-CONT

In applications where additional protection is required against highly corrosive environments, Baldor’s Stainless Steel Washdown Duty motors are the answer. Typical applications include outdoor installations, or applications where particularly corrosive agents are being processed or used for washdowns, as in pharmaceuticals. Features include 300 Series stainless steel on all external surfaces, and a labyrinth seal on both ends of the shaft extension to protect motor bearings by rotating and expelling contaminants.

  • Application(s) : Washdown, Food Processing, Corrosive, Caustic, High-Pressure Sanitizing
  • Application(s) Note : Washdown Applications, Food Processing - long lasting in the most Corrosive and Caustic Applications subjected to frequent High-Pressure Sanitizing
  • Enclosure : TEFC
  • Feet : Foot Mounted
  • Frame : 215TC
  • Horsepower (Hp) : 15
  • Item : Motor
  • kW : 11
  • Motor : Stainless Steel Washdown Duty Motor
  • Motor Model : custom
  • Mounting : F1 Mounting
  • Note : NOTE: Volt Code: E = 208-230/460V, 60Hz... E1 = 230/460V, 60Hz, usable at 208V... F = 230/460V, 60 Hz. See page 82 for Layout drawing. See page 93 for Connection Diagrams. Efficiencies shown are nominal. Data subject to change without notice. Contact Bald
  • Phase : Three
  • RPM : 3500
  • Specification : 15HP 3500RPM 3PH 60HZ 215TC 3756M TEFC F
  • Style : Stainless Steel
  • Volt Code : E
  • VOLTS : 230/460V, 60Hz