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Load Rating (lb) at Max. Extension :

2000 - 14100 lb

Foot Top (Mounting) :

Foot Mount Material :

Foot Mount Shape :

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Adjustable Foot (Bolt to) Round Mount

Bolt-mounted Round Mount Adjustable Feet, designed to meet all Sanitary Foot Applications,(originally designed as pump base feet). O-ring Elastomer, 304 Stainless Exterior Polish #4 Dairy Finish. See below for mounting hardware (sold separately). Manufactured in accordance with the 3A Sanitary Standard for Machine Leveling Feet and Supports Sec 88-00.  CONFIGURE BELOW FOR YOUR PRICE

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Requires additional mounting hardware (to secure feet to your equipment/cabinet/pump base): Adjustable Foot Bolt (G0459) and Washer (GA031)

Load Rating at Max. Extension: Short Foot 2900 lbs, Long Foot 2200 lbs

Exterior Polish #4 Dairy Finish (25-32 Ra)


Size, Type, (Retracted Extended Adjustment), PART#, STOCK#, Load Rating at Max. Extension

1.5" ball short, (4.125 Retracted, 4.875 Extended, 0.75 Adjustment), KFRMPB-S-B-1.5, 85001, max 2,700 LBS 

1.5" ball long, (6.5 Retracted, 8.25 Extended, 1.75 Adjustment), KFRMPB-L-B-1.5, 85004, max 2,000 LBS

  • Foot Bottom : Ball (ready for direct contact with flooring surface)
  • Foot Mount Material : Tube (size actual od)
  • Foot Mount Shape : Round
  • Foot Mount Size : 1.5" (38.1mm)
  • Foot Top (Mounting) : Bolt-to
  • Load Rating (lb) at Max. Extension : 2000
  • Load Rating (lb) at Max. Extension : 2700