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LKH Pumps
--- CONTACT KOSS for AVAILABILITY and PROJECT PRICING --- As Alfa Laval’s premium range of centrifugal pumps, the LKH centrifugal pumps are distinguished by high efficiency, low energy consumption, several options, and a wide range of flow rates and pressures. The LKH centrifugal pump is available in 13 sizes to handle capacities up to 500 m3/hour and pressure up to 190 H/(m).

- High efficiency and gentle product treatment - The robust design and tight tolerances together with the advanced impeller design minimize recirculation and ensure the efficient transfer of energy.
- The impeller design ensures efficient and gentle handling of the product as it moves through the pump. This ensures product integrity and minimizes NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head required).
- The optimized pump design and premium motor of Alfa Laval LKH centrifugal pumps often deliver greater energy efficiency than similar premium pumps and 30% or more compared to similar mid-range pumps.
- Controlled compression gaskets, crevice free internals, an external mechanical seal, and an optimized impeller with balancing holes all ensure that the pump is truly cleaned during a time effective CIP cycle. Perfectly aligned components and joints with O-rings tightened to a predefined compression minimize the elastomer product contact surfaces, which also safeguards hygiene.
- By positioning the shaft seal outside the pump, difficult-to-clean components do not come into direct contact with the product. In addition, the front-loading design enables quick and easy replacement, providing more uptime with lower maintenance costs. Interchangeable single, flushed and double seals simplify spare parts inventory.

Several different LKH pump models are available to meet the requirements of different duties:
- LKH UltraPure - for biotech and pharmaceutical applications
- LKHPF - for high-pressure applications
- LKH Multistage - for high outlet pressures
- LKHSP - for self-priming applications
- LKHex - for applications in explosive environments
- LKH Evap - a dedicated evaporator pump

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