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Enclosures, Panels & Boxes
Stainless steel enclosures, control panels, computer boxes, workstations and more are available fully customized - Koss Industrial, Inc. is a UL listed 508A Panel Shop * #E330004

Custom stainless steel enclosures are available in multiple styles & configurations, such as: Cabinets, Pull Boxes, Panel Boxes & more.

Interested? Email WebSales@KossIndustrial.com for more information on a custom enclosure!

Looking for a Panel Shop? Other Electrical Services?

We can help with that too - Koss Industrial, Inc. - a UL Listed 508A Panel Shop!

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - We specialize in full plant, Production Line Automation and have over 30 years of Process Automation experience. * CIP Food and Beverage Applications * Ultra Filtrations and membrane maintenance applications * Wastewater management * Process and packaging machine upgrades * System Integrations * CAD Drawings and Documentations * SCADA & Graphic Display (with Real Time Data Base & Trending)

Our Pledge to Customers: We will strive to make the complex simple

PRODUCTION LINE AUTOMATION - Our panels are UL Listed! We provide you with one main control panel (configurable & scalable) and a separate high voltage motor panel. Having a separate high voltage panel helps keep the PLC cool & promotes safety by reducing unnecessary exposure to the higher voltage.

We offer touch screen operation (push button available). Touch screen operation enables the inclusion of safety features in the programming. It makes operation easy. Touch screen operation is ideal for use in a production line as it is a ‘user friendly’ interface. Operators are able to easily navigate the production line and its individual machines. With an image of the machine accompanying its specific controls, precision is easier than ever.

We do programming! Controls can be programmed to offer multiple recipes steps, ensuring consistency by reducing human input. Utilize batch control; it organizes activities/functions specifically, ensuring consistency.


UL listed 508A Panel Shop * #E330004
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