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14GT Grinders

Grind 640lb product in 17 seconds (approximation, varies by product, temperature, speed, etc.). Example dimensions (may vary by customer/product specifications):  132" overall length, 85" height, 58" width, 103" screw length, 34" hopper length, 45" hopper width

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Grind 640 LB in ~17 seconds

14GT models often feature 30-40 HP motors, our twin screw Grinders are capable of grinding sizes from trim to 640s at rates over 65,000 LB/HR. Consider us for your large scale production needs; KOSS quality: innovation that lasts.

14GT Grinders by KOSS 

SAMPLE GRINDER DIMENSIONS (serial#98010), approximations, rounded to nearest 1/8 inch - sample dimension intended for general reference, will vary per customer/product specifications. Grind Times will vary significantly per process (per variables such as product, temperature, moisture, speed, screen size, ...)

  • LENGTH  122-1/8"
  • HEIGHT  81-1/4"
  • WIDTH  64-7/8"
  • SCREW LENGTH  106-3/8"
  • HOPPER WIDTH  44-1/4"
  • ENTRY HEIGHT 78-1/8"


Innovation For Your Unique Process

Grind whole blocks or barrels. Hard or soft, reduce product into smaller, more manageable pieces. Grind starting media directly to prepare your product for blending and cooking. Dealing with exceptionally hard or cold product? Break it. Add a Pre-Breaker before the Grinder to reduce the size of your starting media to be ground (most applications do not require one, as KOSS Grinders are very robust).


  • Variety of Extrusion Options
    * Modified Face & Head Plates
    * Interchangeable Screens (varied patterns & hole diameters)
  • Augers (fully polished)
    * Single/Twin Screw (1 or 2)
    * Standard, Hooked or Serrated
  • Flights (for aggressive action)
    * Forward & Reverse Control 
    * Pre-Chop over Augers (prebreak cold or very hard blocks)
  • Interior Fully Polished
  • Exterior Bead-Blasted (or fully polished)
  • Cleaning (CIP-able)
    * Multiple CIP Hook-up Options
    * Auger Wash Racks, Frame- Mounted Wash Baskets and Auger Removal Tools (varied cleaning & convenience opt.)
  • Footing Features
    * Casters (for mobility)
    * Sanitary Adjustable Ball, Tab,
  • Bolted Plate (non-adj. avail.) 
    * Load Cells
  • Control Panel 
    * Start/Stop Button 
    * Emergency Stop 
    * Variable Frequency Drive and Disconnect
  • Motor & Gear Drives (custom horse power, motor options)
  • Safety Solutions, Custom
    * More Emergency Stops 
    * Proximity Switches 
    * Light Curtain (sensors)
    * Additional Guarding, Caging or Modifications Reducing Contact (between machine and operators/maint. personnel)

Your process is unique - we believe your equipment should also be one-of-a-kind. Our family at KOSS wants you to have the best possible experience, and part of that is the novel ability to easily change a variable, such as your extrusion size. We believe your equipment should suit you.

Enjoy the flexibility interchangeable screens offer. Want to try running a different product or change a process variable? Select from a variety of extrusion screen sizes. One KOSS Grinder can easily provide you with a variety of end results. Screens sizes can be changed out in minutes on even our largest Grinder!

Our custom sanitary stainless steel Grinders, designed and fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards, are capable of grinding a variety of soft and hard cheeses. Our easy-to-clean machines feature removable augers as well as easy-access head plates. Lab-size Grinder head plates frequently feature quick disassembly and release latches.

Customized to Complement Unique Applications

These easy-to-clean machines come in various model sizes (5, 8, 11, 14, etc.), based upon auger diameter (in inches). Smaller size Grinders are on casters for mobility (rear casters swivel for enhanced maneuverability). Medium to Larger size Grinders often include a frame-mounted strainer basket (for small parts during disassembly). Consider a portable Auger Wash Rack for optimal auger handling, safer for both your personnel and your machine.

Enjoy safe & easy face plate removal and auger handling

11GS/11GT models feature a face plate safely attached (via shackle pin) to lifting chain(s) on a pivoting jib crane arm. Reduce the risk of marring inner product contact surfaces by using designated tools. The face plate and auger removal tools have convenient homes, right on the Grinder frame (no need to hunt for the right wrench).
  • Grinders Line Card
    The sheet provides information on Koss Industrial's capabilities relating to grinding. For an effective custom stainless solution we've multiple sizes and styles available.
  • Koss Industrial
    Just the basics on Koss Industrial - as detailed as the basics can get, this file provides information on Koss' different facets, complete with thumbnail images.