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As an Alfa Laval Master Distributor and Pump SuperCenter, our pump experts are available to help you choose the right pump for the right application at competitive prices. And our large, in-stock selection means faster turn-around to quickly meet your needs.

Our line of Alfa Laval pumps offers:

  • High-performance
  • Hygienic design
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Superior safety and cleanliness

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The Different Types of Pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Alfa Laval's centrifugal pump series offers premium, standard-duty and liquid ring pumps.

The premium LKH pumps are used for evaporation, high-pressure, self-priming and high-purity applications. They provide tremendous value over time.

The SolidC series is a standard-duty option focusing on initial cost.

The self-priming MR-Liquid Ring pumps are often used for CIP return applications.

LKH Series = premium pumps for a variety of uses
SolidC Series = lower initial cost
MR-Liquid Ring Series = ideal for CIP return

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Circumferential piston pumps

Alfa Laval's SCPP series of circumferential piston pumps consists of two positive displacement pumps, specially designed for transporting very low viscosity products at higher discharge pressures for food, dairy, beverage and other hygienic applications. The extensive range meets a wide spectrum of requirements under various working pressures.

Positive Displacement pumps
Ideal for very low viscosity products at higher discharge pressures

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Rotary lobe pumps

Also known as positive displacement pumps, Alfa Laval's rotary lobe pumps offer robust construction and are designed for low, medium and high-viscosity media. They offer gentle pumping action and reliable performance.

The line-up includes three ranges: SX, SRU and OptiLobe. Each is developed for a different type of demand and meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Collectively, they provide operating economy and high flexibility of use.

Positive Displacement pumps
Ideal for most viscosities
Gentle pumping action

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Twin screw pumps

Designed for process flexibility, the Alfa Laval OS Twin Screw pump is built on a robust, reliable platform that meets stringent hygienic standards. It is capable of handling both product transfer and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). Its low pulsation characteristics and excellent solids handling capability reduce the risk of product damage, thereby improving product quality. Maintenance is simplified and process uptime increased.

Positive Displacement/Centrifugal combo
Low pulsation characteristics
Excellent solids handling
Ideal for product transfer and CIP

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Koss product viscosity graphic chart


Viscosity is defined as a fluid's resistance to flow. The thicker the liquid, the higher the viscosity.

Understanding your fluid and what you are trying to accomplish through pumping is citical. You are not just moving fluid from one point to another. Without the right pump solution you could unintentionally alter your product's properties.

Koss pump shear graphic

Pump Shear

Some fluids can change viscosity or lose product integrity when a pump imparts too much shear. Shear can also reduce the size of particulates.

Pump speed is a key factor. Positive displacement pumps are preferred when handling shear-sensitive fluids as they can be run at low speeds. Centrifugal pumps can run at high speeds and have a relatively high shear effect, ideal for low viscosity fluids.

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