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Liquifiers - Liquifier Systems

Mix / Blend ingredients to liquid mass with a KOSS Liquifier for increased product consistency. Liquifier Blade provides aggressive mixing / blending action. Custom sanitary stainless equipment is available standalone, with a built-in pump for recirculation, or fully skidded with incorporated platform, controls+. For equipment feeding & following Liquifers - Consider KOSS for complete solutions!

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For optimal results, feed your Liquifier with a KOSS Powder Funnel Table / Powder Blender; it is the easiest efficient way to introduce powder to blend. Once your ideal liquid product is achieved it can be piped / configured to feed directly into the next step of your process (consider KOSS for fully optimized custom system & production line solutions).

KOSS Liquifiers are constructed to WDA & USDA Sanitary Standards from high-quality, durable 304 / 316L stainless steel. Round or rectangular tank designs available – fully customizable.


Skid mounted designs complement any application location, custom per client specifications. Attain the ideal height and space needed to service & operate machinery on skidded systems, all the while ensuring a safer work area for operators & maintenance personnel. Customize railing, surface texture, steps+.

KOSS' Road Crew & Installation

Services provide high-quality process-piping, equipment placement, startup, automation+.

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