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Air Eliminators

Why use a KOSS Air Eliminator? For improved product quality and more reliable, accurate measurements; also to eliminate pump cavitation, extending pump life.
TANK 304 SS std., DIA.=24" (609.6mm), foot adj. varies HEIGHT≈50" (~1,270mm) 
INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SURFACES & WELDS Polished (#4 Dairy Finish 25-32Ra)
SANI. ADJ. FEET (KFRM-S-W-2.0) Adjust.=2.5" (63.5mm), Tabbed (bolts to floor securely)

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How it Works

Raw milk tanker arrives. AE (Air Eliminator) 3" (76.2mm) inlet's hose is connected to tanker truck; AE's pitched inlet drains tanker naturally. When product reaches AE's level probe, pump (located after AE's 4" (101.6mm) bottom vortex cancelling outlet) engages, drawing product out of tanker and through AE.

Product enters AE tangentially via pitched inlet; product spins, increasing surface area exposed to vacuum treatment, more product is exposed longer resulting in fewer bubbles.

Air escapes naturally via top fitting while unique outlet design helps eliminate vortex, preventing air from reentering product without use of additional, hard to clean apparatuses (vortex breakers, floats).

Pump shuts off when product level drops below probe, preventing air from reentering product. Remaining product drains off tanker naturally, allowing for complete product removal. Pump reengages when AE product level reaches probe, pulling in remaining product.

To clean, remove hose from tanker, hook hose to CIP-Supply (usually washes with silo fill line circuit), connect AE's spray ball fitting to small fitting on piping section between check valve & unload pump discharge line.

The difference is in the design.

Other Air Eliminators ----VS---- KOSS AIR ELIMINATORS

Horizontal Inlet -----vs----- Pitched Inlet

Product enters the AE tangentially via the pitched inlet; the milk spins, increasing surface area exposed to the vacuum, more product is exposed longer, resulting in fewer bubbles

Air Vent Exhausts as Level Drops -----vs----- Air Escapes Top Fitting Naturally

Float -----vs----- No Float

No float = a more hygienic design (and easier to clean); our AE vents air naturally

Vortex Breaker -----vs----- No Vortex Breaker

Our AE is functionally designed, intuitive to the process; eliminating bulky, hard to clean apparatuses inside the equipment

Vertical Outlet -----vs----- Pitched Outlet

The shape of our bottom outlet helps eliminate the vortex naturally; preventing air from reentering the product

Re-Pipe to CIP -----vs----- Simply CIP-able

Take the hose off the truck & hook the hose to your CIP-Supply (usually washes with the silo fill line circuit), the AE’s spray ball fitting connects directly to a small fitting on the section of piping between the check valve & flow transmitter

REQUIRED PART:  Air Eliminator Probe Assembly, 2PT LEVEL PROBE PART# 14525


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