Tank Cleaning Equipment

We proudly carry Alfa Laval tank cleaning equipment.

BladeClean Device

This tank cleaning device from Alfa Laval is perfect for any size tank with agitator blades. Incorporating this device into your tank cleaning process will enable you to eliminate confined space entry and drastically reduce time spent cleaning, boosting overall tank productivity.

  • Retractable design intended for permanent installation
  • When activated, operates at 30 psi or higher
  • Cone of water sprays upward 25 feet to clean the underside of tank agitator blades

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Rotary Jet Heads

We carry a complete line of Alfa Laval rotary jet heads.

  • High-impact jet stream in a three-dimensional cleaning pattern to clean tough residues 
  • Less time, energy, water and chemicals required compared to other tank cleaning solutions

Rotary Spray Heads

We carry a complete line of Alfa Laval rotary spray head devices.

  • Rotary motion and moderate physical impact of the cleaning media removes residue from tank interiors
  • Revolving fan spray for optimum tank coverage
  • Eliminate rouging in pharmaceutical and biotech applications
  • Fully drainable and self-cleaning
  • Easily replace a static spray ball without equipment modifications

Retrofitting static spray balls with rotary spray heads is easy to do and can save your facility up to 30% in time, hot water and cleaning chemicals.

Static Spray Balls

We carry a complete line of Alfa Laval spray balls.

  • The cleaning method of choice for low impact cleaning of water-soluble products
  • Cleaning requires long cycle times and large volumes of cleaning fluids and subsequently large volumes of wastewater
  • Although the most widely used permanently installed tank cleaning device, there are measurable benefits to upgrading to dynamic tank cleaning, especially when the risk of contamination is high and hygiene is a critical factor
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