Cheese Cutters & Slicers

Cheese Cutters

Designed with safety, cleanability and versatility in mind, Koss stainless steel cheese cutting machines are ideal for making many types of cuts to a variety of cheese types.

  • One, two and three way cutters (customizable upon request)
  • Adjustable harps
  • Choose from wires or knives
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic or servo actuators available
  • Ultrasonic options available
  • Handle blocks up to 640 lbs. and wheels of any size

Meet or exceed USDA sanitary standards.

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Mozzarella Slicers

Our custom-built stainless steel Mozzarella log slicers feature harp wire which produces a better overall cut quality when compared to blades. These units can be customized to produce various slice sizes.

  • Easily interchangeable slice cartridges to quickly change slice size with little to no downtime
  • Safety options include a palm button switch and light curtains
  • Can be modified to fit on most packaging conveyors
  • Individual lane slicing. If one air cylinder goes down you can still cut on the other lanes.

Meet or exceed USDA sanitary standards.

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More about cheese blocks and barrels

Cheese blocks are primarily used for cutting into smaller sellable sizes (loaves, chunks, sticks, etc.)

Barrels typically have a more commercial application. They often find their way into shredders or cookers for further processing.

Both are commodities traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

Cheese blocks get cut into sellable units
Cheese barrels are used for further processing

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